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Ties to the Ancient and Natural World
The Aztecs

The Natural World
The 7 Sacred Temples and the Mathematical correlations

The Card Science for many years, has been shrouded in mystery, with only its correlation to our modern day Calendar and the work of an ancient Order as its basis. While these facts are true, their limitation has left the door wide open for any theories, from the abstract to the whimsical, to take hold and be promoted as truth.

However, since the important discoveries that were made in the Fall of 1996, much more evidence has surfaced that has not only more clearly defined the System, but has also revealed some startling mathematical correlations and intimate ties to older and ancient work around the world, as well as with the natural world.

The Aztecs
In the National Astrological Journal, from the 1930's, an article was published by Elbert Benjamine on Astrology and the Aztec Calendar. In it, he lays out the precise method used by the Aztecs to keep track of Lunar movements, Eclipses, etc. He also points out how a Seasonal Calendar was used to do this and that was made up of 7 week periods, with each week being 13 days. The Mystic Quadrate System contains within it a Seasonal Chart (91-days), which has 7 Planetary periods of 13 days. The Aztecs also had a tool, which was made up of 52 reeds (52 Cards), that was incorporated into this Calendar.

The Natural World
The Card Science, for the last 100 years, has only been tied to the Natural World through our Calendar. Because of this, it has been used in a very limited and distorted manner. The real magnificence lies in the deeper layers and workings of the System. While it does reflect the Calendar, within it are also 3 major Planetary Cycles and their respective Seasons. These are: the 28-year Saturn with four 7-year Seasons; the 1-year (Earth's orbit) with four 91-day Seasons; and a 28-day Lunar Cycle with four 7-day Seasons. Not only are these natural Cycles and Seasons we experience here on Earth, but they fit into the parameters of the Cards, mathematically in a precise and perfect manner. 

The 7 Sacred Temples and the Mathematical Correlations
There are 7 Sacred Temples around the world that are said to have been built by a high order of priests that were great mathematicians. These Temples were built to what is known as the Teleois Proportions. These are specific circles, that when drawn in to these temples, the intersections of them point to exact dates of important events in the evolution of man. These proportions are also part of other structures, such as the design of snow flakes, the skeleton of man and our Solar System. 

The base Numbers of the proportions are 1,4,7 and 13. In the Mystic Quadrate System this represents 1 Planetary Cycle divided into 4 Seasons with 7 Planetary periods and made up of 13 increments. But there is another amazing correlation. In the progression tables used only in The Mystic Quadrate System, there is an Age Column and a Plate or Quadrate Column. In the Yearly, Seasonal, Lunar and Weekly tables, when ever the Age Column reduces to one of the four base numbers of the Teleois Proportions, the corresponding Quadrate or Plate is also one those four numbers. This reveals that the increments of motion within The Mystic Quadrate System, are in perfect harmony with the structure of the world around us, including the Solar System as defined by the Teleois Proportions.

Remarkable Nine Cycles
There are many remarkable unfoldments happening within these special set of progression tables that were created in the Fall of 1996. As you may know, there are only 90 Plates of Cards that we progress through. After the Deck has been Quadrated 90 times it falls back into perfect order. In the Yearly, Seasonal, Lunar and Weekly tables, with them all going through the 90 Plates at their own but unique rates, at Age 90, they all line up on Plate 90. Another recent, incredible discovery is that in all the tables (Yearly through Weekly), every 9th Year (9, 27, 36, 45, etc.), the corresponding Plate or Quadrate is also a Number 9 Plate. This reveals 3 separate and remarkable things happening within these simple yet powerful set of tables. They are unfolding in a precise linear, cyclic and proportional manner. Those who have been doing readings using The Mystic Quadrate System are seeing the precision of this, unfold right before their eyes.

Copyright 2000
by Thomas Morrell

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