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Mark McGwire, setting the record
by Thomas Morrell Sept. 1998

*As predicted below, Mark McGwire had another great season in 1999

With Mark McGwire setting the new single season home run mark at 70, let’s look at the cards that were influencing him this past season.
"Big Mac" was born on 10/1/1962, this makes him an 8 of Diamonds. The 8 of Diamonds sits in the center position in the Crown line. People who are this card like to be the star of the show and even if they don’t, they are looked up to and respected. 8 is a number of strength and is associated with the planet Saturn. This makes Big Mac a powerful person, that is willing to work to attain what he wants.

Yearly Influences
Looking at his Return Card chart, he had the King of Clubs as his Sun/Return Card. This indicates the year would involve being in a position of power and authority. Also, his Jupiter Return Card was the 9 of Spades. Jupiter usually has a beneficial influence, so this would show a completion of some kind, in a positive or expanding manner. His Direct Jupiter Card was the 2 of Spades, which shows a partnership in work was involved. This was clearly shown with his relationship with Slamin’ Sammy Sosa. Both his Saturn and Uranus Cards for his 35th year were Jacks, indicating creative power and an initiation into something higher. The last 52 days of his 35th year, his Neptune period, he had the 5 of Hearts in this position. This represents a change and being in the suit of Hearts, it could be with something of passion or what he desires. Falling in Neptune, it can indicate a dream of his. His Return Neptune Card for that period is the 3 of Spades, representing an expansion in work. I would say 70 Home runs is expanding at work.

In his last 91 days of his 35th year, Big Mac was in his 4th season. The Quadrate ruling for this period is Number 53. His Sun Return Card for this period was the 9 of Clubs, indicating a completion of ideas or plans. His Direct Saturn Card for his 4th season was the King of Spades, the highest card in the deck. Saturn is usually associated with burdens or difficulties, however, with the King of Spades in this position, it gives much strength and power to overcome any obstacles.

His Card chart that ruled for the last 28 days of his 35th year is derived from Quadrate 17. This is the time period in which both the record was broken and reset many times. His Sun Return Card for this period was the 5 of Clubs, which tells us there will be a lot of restlessness and changes, he will be experiencing. An interesting, synchronistic point: Mark McGwire ended up with 70 home runs, which has a symbolic value of the 5 of Clubs, his Sun Return Card for this Lunar period. His Jupiter Return Card is the 5 of Spades, indicating good changes in the area of work.
When he broke the record on 9/8, he was in his 4-day Venus period. Venus is usually a good influence, and McGwire was born under the sign of Libra, which is ruled by Venus. He had the King of Hearts in this position. Kings indicate power and success, and McGwire has a Mars connection (energy and drive) with this card Nataly. On 9/27 when he hit his 69th and 70th home runs, he was in his final 4-day Neptune period. He had the 10 of Clubs here and this represents success in one’s plans and ideas. This card is also his Natal Synastry Card. The Synastry Card, in any progression, is the card just before our Sun Card. The energy of that card is coming into us and can be used with wisdom and intuition to really move ahead. It also has a supportive influence with it.

In the final week of his 35th year, his Weekly Card Chart would be derived from Quadrate 71. 9/27 was a Jupiter day for him and his Jupiter Card for this week was the 8 of Clubs, a card of power in one’s actions and plans. His Sun Card, the 8 of Diamonds, fell in the Mars Column /Mars Line. Mars is the planet of energy and drive.

Other interesting points:
The Card for 9/27 is the 10 of Hearts. When added to his Birth or Sun Card, we get a Composite Card of the 5 of Spades. The 5 of Spades was Mark McGwire’s Synastry Card for his 35th year; this would be a helping or supporting influence.
The day he set the record of 70 home runs, all the Quadrates from his yearly down to the weekly, added up to the Number 8: Yearly 35, Seasonal 53, Lunar 17 and Weekly 71. The Planet Saturn is associated with the Number 8, the natural ruler of his Sun Card. Even the card on that day for him was an 8 of Clubs, another 8.

Mark McGwire definitely had an unforgettable '98 season. And, with many of his cards falling in the Jupiter line and the 8 of Spades, (a card of power) as his Sun Return Card for his '99 season, look for another good year from Big Mac.

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