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Card Bytes

With all that is going on in the world, I could probably write an article everyday on an event showing the detail and accuracy of The Mystic Quadrate System. However, that would be a full time job in itself. I will continue to post articles on my Current Events Page, but I will also be posting short bytes of information on the cards and events on this page, as well.

The Death of Marilyn Monroe (age 36 / 3 of Spades)
born: 6/1/1926 event: 8/5/1962
Yearly Chart: Ace of Spades in Venus Period (6 of Spades Vertical)
Lunar Chart: Mystic Reception with the King of Clubs in Mars (Plate 20)
Weekly Chart: Ace of Spades in Venus Period (8/5) (6 of Spades Vertical)
*Mystic Conjunction by Chart, Planet and Card (Ace of Spades) on the exact day she died.

Santana sweeps Grammy's (age 52 / 8 of Clubs)
born: 7/20/1947 event: 2/23/2000
Yearly Chart: 10 of Diamonds in Saturn Period
91-day Seasonal Chart: 10 of Diamonds in Mars
28-day  Lunar Chart: 10 of Clubs in Uranus
Weekly Chart: Queen of Spades in Mercury (Outer Soul Card of the 10 of Diamonds)
*Mystic Conjunction with the 10 of Diamonds in Yearly and Seasonal Charts also 3 Number 10 Cards at the same time (success and accomplishment)

Magician Doug Henning dies (age 52 / 3 of Spades)
born: 5/3/1947 died: 2/7/2000
Yearly Chart: 10 of Hearts in Uranus (Pluto connection in Life Quadrate)
Weekly Chart: 10 of Hearts in Neptune....also in Weekly chart - 6 of Spades in Jupiter and 9 of Spades in Pluto
*Mystic Conjunction with the 10 of Hearts on the exact day he died.

Well Known Chicago DJ dies in plane crash (age 57 / 10 of Clubs)
born: 2/28/1942 died: 2/8/2000
28-year Chart: King of Diamonds in Mercury
28-day Lunar Chart: King of Diamonds in Mars
*Mystic Conjunction with the King of Diamonds in both Charts, possibly representing the friend that was with him. Yearly Chart: 7 of Diamonds in Neptune, 91-day Seasonal Chart: 9 of Hearts in Uranus
*Mystic Conjunction as these 2 Cards are a semi-fixed pair and also representing an unexpected accident (Uranus) and ending of a relationship (9 of Hearts)
*Mystic Conjunction - The Ace of Spades (one of the traditional death cards) is the Return Card for the Planetary Periods in effect at the time of the accident in the Yearly and Lunar Chart
Weekly Chart: Week #50 - Venus day - 9 of Spades in this position (another traditional death Card)

Actor Jim Varney dies (age 50 / 2 of Diamonds)
born: 6/14/1949 died: 2/10/2000
Yearly Chart: 2 of Diamonds (BirthCard), occupies 6 of Spades Life/9of Spades Spirit position, both traditional death cards. Phoenix Card (13th and true result card) is the 6 of Spades. Also in 52-day Saturn Period in Chart, 91-day Seasonal Chart: 6 of Spades is Phoenix Card. Also in 13-day Saturn Period in Chart, 28-day Lunar Chart: in 4-day Jupiter Period, 9 of Spades is Jupiter Return Card, Weekly Chart: Week #35 - Venus day - 9 of Spades in this position
*Mystic Reception with 6 of Spades and 9 of Spades in effect in all sub-year charts with position of BirthCard in Yearly Chart

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