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Canoeing and Archery Page

by Thomas Morrell

Below are links to my pages with pictures of one of my hand built canoes and various archery items.


The canoe pictured was built in the summer 1987 and has the name Dream Chaser. She was made out of regular construction grade lumber (fir and spruce) and the rails were made of mahogany. The seat came from LL Bean. It is a stripper design and a solo canoe made from the plans out of Canoe Magazine. It took 50 hours to build and came out just under 50 lbs.

She has seen alot of use and handles beautifully. It does need a little attention as you can see by the duct tape on the ends. I use a double kayak paddle with it, which allows me to go anywhere with it, even up stream over 4 miles in the Wapsi River (eastern Iowa). Click on the links below to check it out.

Canoe 1         Canoe 2        Canoe 3        Canoe 4


I have been involved in archery for many years. On the following links below are pictures of bows, arrows, quivers, homemade cresters, taper tools and some fun pictures, enjoy.


Taper Tool

2 Cresting Machines   New!

Endless String Jig   New!

Hank's Incredible Moose Hunt

Quiver and Bow Blank   New!

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