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The Clinton/Starr Investigation

The Clinton Prediction

With Independent Council Ken Starr's investigation finally nearing its end, the question remains, what is the fate of the President? To find out, let's look at what is foretold by the stars, using an Ancient Symbolic Astrology technique.

President Clinton was born on 8/19, which is represented by the 7 of Clubs. The Number 7 is associated with Neptune, the planet of illusions, fantasies, dreams, deception and also psychic and spiritual matters. The symbol of the Club represents the element of air, which rules communication, ideas, action and plans. Many who are this card are dreamers or psychics. They can be very deceptive, live an illusion, and negatively, create much anxiety and anguish in their lives.

The Inner Card of the Soul for the 7 of Clubs is the 8 of Diamonds. The Inner Card of the Soul represents a persons inner desires and issues. The 8 of Diamonds is the card of financial strength and worth. In the Life Quadrate, the 8 of Diamonds sits in the Jupiter Column/Crown Line. This is a position of high prominence and respect. Many who have this influence wish to attain that prominence and be the star of the show. The 7 of Clubs sits in the Uranus Column/Saturn Line and indicates a career in dealing with the masses.

The Outer Card of the Soul for the 7 of Clubs is the Jack of Spades. The Outer Card of the Soul is what one is working towards or something that they are to attain. The Jack of Spades in this position tells us the President is being initiated into higher work. Negatively, it is known as the card of the dishonest thief and they have their own interests at heart.

Since the 7 of Clubs is ruled by the planet Neptune, we would also look at the Presidents Natal Neptune Card as it is illuminated by this influence. The King of Clubs sits in this position and represents a position of power and authority. Being his Neptune Card, this is what Bill Clinton has dreamed of all his life. Interestingly, this is the Natal Birth Card of Newt Gingrich.

The President's Natal Pluto Card is the Jack of Diamonds. Pluto is the planet of depth and power; it is also known as the planet of death and rebirth. Whatever card falls in this position would tell us where this person can achieve power. In a negative or difficult manner, this can also indicate destruction and rebirth. The Jack of Diamonds is the Natal Birth Card of the United States!

In his Natal Card Chart, President Clinton has almost completed his 13-year Jupiter Cycle. He has the 9 of Diamonds in this position, which signifies a completion or fulfillment in something he values and also something of worth. Under the influence of Jupiter, these completions or fulfillments would be of a good nature. It sits in the Mars Column (work) and the Uranus Line, (dealing with the masses). On his birthday in August of 1998, the President will turn 52 and will start a 13-year Saturn Cycle. Saturn is known as the planet of restrictions and burdens. On the positive side, a person who has reached this age will have learned their lessons and be operating from a position of experience and responsibility. Negatively, if they haven't learned their lessons, this can be a very difficult period which will be determined by the card that sits in this position. In President Clinton's case, he has the 7 of Spades here. The 7 of Spades indicates difficulty in one's work, life and even health. Again this influence will take effect the day Clinton turns 52 and will run for 13 years.

In his 28-year Saturn Chart, President Clinton is just coming out of a 4-year Uranus Period. He had the 4 of Clubs in this position, which indicates a period of stability and satisfaction. One of the underlying cards in the box (in which this card sits), is the 5 of Clubs, the Natal Birth Card of Monica Lewinski. At age 52, the President will go into a 4-year Neptune Cycle. Again, Neptune is the planet of illusion and deception and the card that falls in this position is the Queen of Diamonds. This is the Composite Card between President Clinton and Monica Lewinski!

As far as their relationship goes, Monica and President Clinton have a Venus connection in the Spiritual Quadrate, which indicates they were possibly lovers from a previous life. Also, since President Clinton is a higher card number, the relationship is more from Monica's point of view. Again, Monica is the 5 of Clubs, which has the Ace of Spades as their Natal Venus Card. The Ace of Spades is the card of secrets and many who have this influence are prone to affairs.

In President Clinton's 7-year Chart, at age 51, he was in a Mars year. Mars is the planet of war and conflict, which he has experienced over this last year. He has the King of Hearts in this position, which indicates a lot of charm and magnetism. Even with all the turmoil, he has still enjoyed great popularity with the people. However, when he turns 52, he will go into his Jupiter year. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and magnification and also rules legal matters. The card that falls in this position is the 5 of Clubs, again the card of Monica Lewinski. It falls in the Jupiter Column (legal matters) and the Saturn Line (restrictions and burdens). The Return Card in this position is the Ace of Spades. This influence tells of secrets and the Ace of Spades is associated with death and rebirth. (The Return Card always tells us more of the environment or the circumstances of the direct card of the same planetary influence.) The Ace of Spades is also the Composite Card between President Clinton and Ken Starr. Besides the 5 of Clubs being Monica Lewinski's Card, it also signifies many changes in one's ideas, thinking and plans. Another angle on these influences is, the President may decide to make some changes in his plans and keep things a secret.

In his current Yearly Chart (age 51), Clinton is in his Neptune Period, the last 52 days before his birthday. In this position is the Queen of Hearts; it is known as one of the marriage cards, or the card of a close relationship. Naturally, it sits in the Neptune Column/Neptune Row; this is a very strong Neptune influence and it is in Clinton's Neptune position. Illusion, fantasy, deception and escape are keywords associated here. Under this heavy influence, Clinton may not even be in touch with reality. Also, this is his Sun Return Card for the year. (The Sun Return Card indicates the environment in which we will experience the year as a whole.) And again with this card in this position, it indicates illusions and deception with a close relationship.

The President's Spirit Return Card is the 9 of Clubs. The Spirit Return Card is the card that falls in the original position of our BirthCard in the Spiritual Quadrate. It influences us on a personal or inner level. The 9 of Clubs in this position tells us the President has met with some completions and disappointments on a personal level. The Spirit Return Card is always our Sun Return Card the following year. So, what we were experiencing on a personal, inner level one year, we will be experiencing it on an outer or environmental level the following year. The President's Phoenix Card for his 51st year is the 9 of Spades. This indicates a major completion, loss or disappointment in his life and career. With this influence, he has surely lost much respectability and power.

On 8/17, Clinton will testify, by tape, to the Grand Jury. In his Weekly Chart ruling at this time, he will be in a Uranus Day and he has the 8 of Hearts in this position. The 8 of Hearts indicates a lot of power and charm in dealing with people. The planet Saturn is associated with the Number 8 and on the negative side, this can indicate some heaviness with this influence. The Vertical Card is the Ace of Spades, the card of secrets and again the Composite Card between the President and Ken Starr. The Uranus Return Card for this day is the 6 of Spades. This card indicates being responsible for ones work and everyday life. It is an influence that demands being truthful and taking responsibility for one's self. If not, it will tip the scales of balance in a negative way, which creates a debt, that will have to be paid in some way.

End of Part One

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