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Crester 1         Crester 2        Crester 3           New Crest 1        New Crest 2       New Crest 3

Crester 1   Here are some pictures of my homemade crester. I used a Fischer Price record player motor, the wheel that spins the turntable and some of the components of it as needed. I modified the bracket that the wheel is mounted on by making it shorter and drilling a hole in it for a pivot point. Using a small spring that was in the record player to pull the wheel and hold it against the spindle. The motor was mounted so that the spindle was horizontal. The arrow chuck was attached to the wheel with double stick tape. I use a cradle made made of 2 roller bearings that is movable. I always put the arrow into the chuck with the cresting away from it and place the cradle near the work, this insures that the arrow will always be spinning true at the point you are cresting.Make sure you keep track of the wiring to the motor so you can power it up and add a switch if needed. It makes a wonderful crester that turns at a slow consistent speed, perfect for cresting.

Crester 2  This one I made with the new style of cresting chuck. I used a inline skate wheel with both bearings from each side of the wheel. I twisted a strap hinge and then bolted a bearing to it and pushed the wheel onto the bearing. On the other side I knocked out the guts of the bearing and then filed the chuck down a little in a drill until the outer bearing sleeve fit onto the cresting chuck snug. Then I pushed it into the wheel. I mounted a record player motor onto some angle aluminum and attached it and the hinge/wheel to a board. I then tilted the wheel right onto the spindle on the motor which turns it at a slow constant speed for cresting. The cradle is made from 2 other bearings mounted on angle aluminum. The cresting stripe guide is made from various hardware and attached to a bi-fold door track so it can be moved along the arrow. I just had to come up with a new design for the new cresting chucks.

Crester 1         Crester 2        Crester 3          New Crest 1        New Crest 2       New Crest 3

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