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Finally, the Mysteries of the Cards revealed

Although known since 1893, little has changed with the use and understanding of this system since the book, Sacred Symbols of the Ancients was published in 1947. All we have had to work with is the Life Chart (91-years), the 7-year Chart and the Yearly Chart.

The New Progressions
In the Fall of 1996, a code that was discovered revealed 4 new progressions never before known in modern times. It is: 364, 91, 28 and 7. 364 is the sum of the spot values and the increment of a Solar Year in this system. 91 is the length of the Life Chart and is also the length of 1 Season in each year. 28 is the approximate length in years, of the orbit of Saturn around the Sun and also the number of days of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth. 7 years is a Season of Saturn's motion and 7 days is a Season of the Moon's orbit.

"to everything there is a season"

We now have a sequence that repeats itself in a linear fashion: 91-years, 28-years, 7-years and a Year; 91-days, 28-days, 7-days and a Day. It also is tied together in a cyclic fashion, as well. In 91-years you will experience 364, 91-day Seasons, in 28-years you will experience 364, 28-day Lunar cycles, in 7-years you will experience 364, 7-day weeks and in 1-year you will experience 364 days.

Special Note:
This system has always been a 364 unit system that goes from birthday to birthday. December 31st, known as the Joker has for the most part been kept separate and February 29th has just been used as an extra day every 4-years.

The Charts Used and Why
Unlike other Versions, the Charts used in the Mystic Quadrate System are based on the natural planetary cycles and seasons that we experience here on Earth. Isn't it only logical that the Charts be based on the natural world on Earth? Even more obvious is the fact that it is supported mathematically in the structure of the Cards.

  • 91-year Natal Chart*            (7 planetary periods of 13-years)
  • 28-year Saturn Chart            (7 planetary periods of 4-years)
  • 7-year (Seasonal) Chart        (7 planetary periods of 1-year)
  • Yearly Chart                         (7 planetary periods of 52 days)
  • 91-day (Seasonal) Chart       (7 planetary periods of 13 days)
  • 28-day Lunar Chart              (7 planetary periods of 4 days)
  • 7-day (Seasonal) Chart**     (7 planetary periods of 1 day)
*Charts and tables are available for readings beyond 91-years, to my knowledge, available only with the Mystic Quadrate System.
e-mail for details:
**The Weekly Charts used in the Mystic Quadrate System go from birthday to birthday, just as in the larger progressions. In other versions, they do in the larger progressions but change in the smaller ones, or operate in a completely different manner.

We then progress through the 90 plates at the rates as defined above. Even though they are all going through the plates at their own various rates, something quite incredible happens in the Mystic Quadrate System. At age 90, the Yearly, 91-day Season, 28-day Lunar and 7-day Weekly, they all line up on plate 90!  If using other versions, you may want to find out the basis for them and also find out why the system has been altered for them to work.

The Proof
Since the discovery over 5 years ago, literally hundreds of events and thousands of charts have been researched. From this research other remarkable revelations have surfaced. Two of these are configurations called Mystic Conjunctions and Mystic Receptions. This happens when more than one influence, be it a planet, plate or more importantly a card, lines up at the same time in different charts. It is shown to set off a significant events many times to the exact day. Check out the Current Events Page for some of these.
Special Note: Almost all the research has been done with the Birth Card only.

More Discoveries
Other discoveries have also been made including The Card of Your Name technique. This is an exciting new technique that is turning out to be quite remarkable. Here a few examples:

  • God = King of Spades   the card of the spiritual master
  • Edgar Cayce = 7 Clubs  the card of spiritual knowledge
  • Harry Houdini = 7 of Spades  (7) Neptune, illusion/escape Spades, work
  • Donald Trump = 8 of Diamonds  financial strength, star of the show
This is turning out to be a great tool for understanding your own names, as well as, using it to determine new business names.
Of course all this research into these new understandings of the system has led to much deeper and profound revelations with regards to it. Much of it will be published soon so that others can use it. This includes a detailed description of the mathematical foundation on which the system is built and its ties to the structure of the Solar System and its connection with some of the important ancient structures in Egypt and in Central and South America.

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