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The 2000 Election   (posted 12/10/2000)

Although I have not posted a prediction on my site before the Election, I did publicly predict that George W. Bush would become the next president of the United States on a talk radio show, on October 24th, 2000.

Before we get into the specifics of the election, let's first take a look at why both Bush and Gore became the candidates of their respective parties. George W. Bush was born on 7/6/1946, which makes him a 9 of Diamonds. The Republican Party's birth date is given as 7/6/1854, which also makes them a 9 of Diamonds. With the same Birth Card, Bush was the natural choice for his party's candidate, as he would truly represent the party itself.

Al Gore was born on 3/31/1948, which makes him a 5 of Clubs. The Democratic Party's birth date is given as 2/17/1801, which makes them an 8 of Diamonds. Because this birth date is under the Sign of Aquarius, the Planetary Sign Card for the Democratic Party would be the 5 of Clubs, it's Natal Uranus Card and also the Birth Card of Al Gore.

Looking at both their Yearly Card Charts at the time of the election, Bush was in his 52 day Mars Period and had the 4 of Spades in that position as the Direct Card. This indicates working hard in the area of work and career. In the Vertical Mars position, he had the 10 of Spades a card of success and accomplishment in the work and career area. View Bush Chart

What is even better is that on 12/9/2000, George W Bush went into his 52 day Jupiter Period and had the 10 of Clubs in this position. Jupiter rules politics and the 10 of Clubs indicates success and accomplishment in one's plans and ideas. In the 54th Plate from where his Yearly Card Chart is derived for his 54th year of age, the Jupiter Card also falls in the Jupiter Line. (Jupiter is considered a benefic influence and rules legal matters.)

Al Gore was in his 52 day Saturn Period at the time of the election and had the 6 of Hearts as his Direct Saturn Card.  This can indicate difficulty with people and relationships and maybe even a debt that had to be paid.Often Sixes can force us to be responsible and honest, especially for things done in the past.

On 12/16/2000, Al Gore moves into his 52 day Uranus Period and has the Ace of Spades in this position. This represents a powerful transformation, a loss and then a rebirth into something new. Under the unsteady influence of Uranus, this can completely shake up his career and work and force him to go in a whole new direction in that area.

Another interesting point is the influence of the names.  Using the Card of the Name technique, the name Al Gore works out to a 6 of Hearts. Again this can be a card of responsibility and truth, but it is also one of adjustments and compromise, in order to keep the peace and maintain balance.

However, the name George W Bush works out to be the King of Spades, the highest card in the deck. Many who are this Card by birth date or by name, rise to a position of high authority. J Edgar Hoover was a King of Spades by birth date and Richard Milhouse Nixon was by name. The address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the name Kennedy, also works out to the King of Spades.

I also checked the card for the day in the Weekly Card Charts for both Bush and Gore, for 12/18/2000 (electoral college) and 1/20/2001 (inaugural day). In both cases, Bush had the better Cards and Planetary influences.

Using the The Mystic Quadrate System, It is quite easy to tell who would be the next President of the United States.

Special Note: The Card of the Name, The Mathematical Weekly Chart and the New Vertical Card technique are all unique to The Mystic Quadrate System

The Birth Dates of the political parties, were taken from KnowYour Money Cycles by Frank Koenig. The connections in the Cards between the candidates and the parties, would suggest that these dates are correct. 

Copyright 2000 by Thomas Morrell

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