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Endless String Jig
by Thomas Morrell

Here is an endless string jig  I built. The dovetail pieces were cut from a 1x8 #2 pine board,
they can be mounted on another 1x or 2x. The widest part of the sliding pieces are 2.5 inches
wide and cut at 30 degrees. The slots were cut 5/16ths with a router, but a table saw and drill
can be used. I have also cut 2 pieces with the 30 degree dovetails on one side and glue a 5/16th
strip in between. It is 32 inches long when slid together.

The goal posts were made from 2x4s. 11 inches wide with the 3/4 dowels about 9 inches apart.
The posts were angled on a disk sander, the double headed 16d nails were cut shorter and epoxied
into holes drilled in to the posts.  A hole slightly smaller than 1/4 inch was drilled in the goal post and
a 1 inch 1/4 bolt installed in that with a wing nut. This holds the loose ends of the string material until
the loops are served in. A hole slightly smaller than 1/4 inch was drilled through the slot into and
through the board below near the goal post end of each sliding piece. Then a 1.5 inch bolt was installed
into the hole from the bottom. A wingnut or threaded knob is installed to hold the sliding pieces in place.

A 2.5 inch  1/4 carriage bolt is used on the goal posts, drilling a 1/4 hole through the end of the sliding
piece and the center of the goal post, with a wingnut or threaded knob on that.


copyright 2003 by Thomas Morrell all rights reserved

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