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Feather Grinding Machine
by Thomas Morrell

I have built a few feather grinding jigs as shown on Dean Torges web site. Since using them with a drill press set up, I thought I would try setting up a seperate machine or jig to do the job. The drill press I have is a smaller one and I am pretty sure I have it at the highest rpm setting possible. I got a different sanding drum that can be slid on to a 1/2" shaft. I then mounted it on a 1/6th HP electric motor and mounted the motor in a vertical position on a 2x6. Since a guide could not be mounted on this type of sanding drum, I simply used the guide rail and spacer guide rail which do the job just fine. With the electic motor spinning at around 1800 rpms it makes a really quick job of grinding the feathers and also leaves the quill super smooth.

Since building this, I have added a switch to turn it on and off, a receptacle in the back that a shop vac or clamp light can be plugged into. In the near future I plan on installing some pipe that a shop vac tube can fit right into for an exhaust system. I have also built 2 feather grinding clamps that are exactly the same in case you have help grinding feathers. That way one person can be loading a jig while the other is grinding. Below are 3 pictures of the grinding machine.

Thanks to Dean Torges for getting I and others started on this fun and productive project.

Picture 1: This picture shows grinding the width of the quill.

Picture 2: With a spacer guide you can now grind the thickness of the quill

Picture 3:  Here all the cords are tucked away, switch added and the clamps stored on the side.

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