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Phil Hartman 1948-1998

Phil Hartman 1948-1998
by Thomas Morrell

With the untimely death of Phil Hartman, let's take a look at what was going on at the time of this tragic event, as it is revealed in the cards. He was born on 9/24/48; this would make his BirthCard the King of Hearts. As that card, he was here to master love and relationships. Being born under the sign of Libra, ruled by the Planet Venus, his Planetary Sign Card would be the 6 of Hearts, his Natal Venus Card. This indicates some Karmic relationships in his life. The Suit of Hearts not only symbolizes love, but also creativity, which showed greatly in his work.

Looking at his Yearly Progressed Card Chart for his 49th year, he was in his 52-day Saturn period. Saturn represents difficulties, restrictions, or burdens. The Direct Card for that period was the 4 of Spades, which usually indicates stability or hard work. In this case, however, it is his Natal/Pluto Card. Pluto is the planet of death and transformation.
Under his 91-day Seasonal Chart, Hartman had the 4 of Spades as his Sun Return Card. This would indicate his overall environment for that period and again, his Natal Pluto Card. During this progression, he was in a 13-day Saturn Period (restrictions and burdens). Under his Planetary Sign Card (6 of Hearts), he had the Queen of Spades as his Direct Saturn Card. This would represent a woman, with which some difficulties or restrictions would be associated. His Saturn Vertical Card is the 10 of Spades. Negatively, there can be some control issues present with this influence. Interestingly, this card sits in the Uranus Row/Neptune Line. Uranus would be something unexpected and Neptune indicates some illusions or even drugs or alcohol could be involved. The underlying cards in this box are the 9 of Spades and the 6 of Spades, traditionally known as "death cards" in this system.

Under his current Monthly Card Chart, his BirthCard, the King of Hearts, sat in the Venus Row/Saturn Line, indicating difficulties in relationships. One of the underlying cards is the 5 of Hearts, which represents a change of heart. The 5 of Hearts was also his Direct Jupiter Card for this 28-day cycle, again indicating a change in a relationship, which may have been magnified under Jupiter's influence.

In his 7-day Weekly Chart, he was in a Neptune Day. It is believed he was asleep at the time of the shooting, which would fall under the influence of Neptune. He had the 8 of Spades in this position. This is a card of great power and force, which can be used in a positive or negative way. This card fell in the Mars Row/Mars Line. Mars is the Planet of war and guns and shootings, and these would fall under the influence of this planet. Another interesting point of the of this card is the fact that it fell in the original Venus position in his Natal Card Chart; Venus, of course, rules love and relationships.

As we can clearly see, there were some very strong planetary and card influences present in Phil Hartman's life at the time of his death. Many of them could have been powerful transformations and lessons learned. Unfortunately, they resulted in his untimely death.

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