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The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer
by Thomas Morrell

This beautiful movie was recently released. Let's take a look at its meaning and understanding through the symbolism of our regular deck of cards.
Being released on 5/15, its BirthCard is the 4 of Diamonds. This represents a good foundation in values. The 4 of Diamonds sits in the Venus Row / Neptune Line; this tells us it is about love and a long journey associated with it. Not only did they travel far in the movie, from New York to Montana, but it was also an inner journey for the characters involved. It was born (released) under the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. Its Planetary Sign Card then, would be the 8 of Hearts. This is a powerful card in the area of love and, it is also known as the emotional healer. Again, a big part of this movie. Also, being a 4 of Diamonds, it should be financially successful, as well. 

The title of the movie "The Horse Whisperer" works out to be the Jack of Diamonds, which means an initiation into higher values. Jacks are also very creative and powerful. Interestingly, the Natal Venus Card for the Jack of Diamonds is the 4 of Diamonds, its Natal/Birth Card. A beneficial synastry connection between the name and birth date. As the Jack of Diamonds sits in the Neptune Row/Uranus Line, it would be inspiring to the masses. The movie, in its Yearly Progression has some great cards towards the Oscars (Mar 99) and this might indicate a nomination.
It is a powerful, wonderful movie and it is also reflected in the cards.

Copyright 1998 by Thomas Morrell
Author/ Developer of the Mystic Quadrate System
All Rights Reserved

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