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Links to other informative sites

Here are some links to other sites. They include subjects on the Card System, Astrology,  Feng Shui and other Metaphysical areas.

NameCards  with Karen Holleran Under construction       An interesting site that explores the meaning of your name through the cards. Articles are also posted on this site. A 3,000 name reference book and printed Name Reports available. This exciting, new technique was first published February 1998.       You can contact Karen at:  with Maggie Anderson       A great astrology site with articles, predictions and services by Maggie Anderson, an excellent Traditional astrologer

Astrology  with Tracy Diamond Tracy is an Astrologer, Numerologist and an advanced practioner of the Mystic Quadrate System.

Cards for Astrology   with Tom Johnson and Sandhya       This version of the Card System uses much of the Mystic Quadrate information and methods, but also explores the deeper spiritual workings within the Cards. Meetings, workshops and a newsletter available.

Foundations of Light Publishing  with Rebecca A. Holdorf    Rebecca Holdorf is the author of the Honoring the Hermit series of books. Book 3 of the series, will be in print soon. These give a powerful, spiritual message in a much needed time, from a grounded, straight forward point of view

Sacred Insights  offers Card and Numerology reports and a practitioner of The Mystic Quadrate System

CardaZoids   with Rogue Rob BirthcardaZoids and the new Astrazoids, an always fun and informative site

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