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Playing the Name Game with Bill and Hillary
by Thomas Morrell

By looking at the Planetary connections between the President and the First Lady, from their BirthCards and Natal/Card Charts, one can obtain and interpret much information as to the significance they play in each other's lives. However, by also looking at the Card Values of their names, it reveals much more in understanding their powerful partnership.
Since first publishing The Card of Your Name in February of 1998, many who have been studying and using this new technique in the cards have been finding some interesting correlations with names and their respective card values. Read Greyer, a professional Card Reader and Astrologer from Chicago Illinois, has found by combining the card values of a couple's first names, it shows on a mundane or everyday level what the relationship is really about. This makes perfect sense, as couples are really known and identified by their first names. 

Let's take a look at our Presidential couple, Bill and Hillary. The name Bill has value of 9, which is the Solar Value of the 9 of Hearts. This card can indicate endings, completions or disappointments in love, which is quite evident. The 9 of Hearts is Hillary's BirthCard, which would show that Bill would identify with Hillary in some way. And, the 9 of Hearts is also Bill's Natal/Synastry Card our Synastry Card is the Card just before ours in the Life Quadrate and the energy of that card is coming into us. We can use that influence with wisdom and intuition to really move ahead. If used in a negative way, it can be to our demise. This shows that Hillary (by BirthCard), has been a supporting influence, as well as, the name Bill (also the 9 of Hearts), which is used much more often than William.

The name Hillary has a value of 7, which is the Solar Value of the 7 of Hearts, the card of challenges and obstacles in love. This card is only 2 away from the 9 of Hearts, which indicates a Venus connection in the Spiritual Quadrate. This is a strong attachment of love. The 7 of Hearts also has Jupiter connection with Bill's Planetary Sign Card*, giving another beneficial influence for Bill. There is also a Pluto connection between the same 2 cards in the Spiritual Quadrate. Pluto is the planet of depth and power and can also indicate control issues.

When we add the values of the 2 names together (the 9 of Hearts and the 7 of Hearts), we get a total of 16, which is the Solar Value of the 3 of Clubs. The 3 of Clubs represents an expansion in knowledge, ideas and plans. The planet Jupiter rules the Number 3 and its influence magnifies the area in which it falls. Hillary's BirthCard, (the 9 of Hearts) has a Venus connection with the 3 of Clubs. This shows she might have a more loving connection with the name value of the relationship.

Bill, on the other hand, with his BirthCard (the 7 of Clubs), has a Mars connection with the 3 of Clubs in the Life Quadrate. Mars is the Planet of drive and energy and this may show some of the driving force behind Bill. Mars is also the Planet of war and conflict, which is also evident in this marriage. In the Spiritual Quadrate, there is a Jupiter connection between the same 2 cards, showing another beneficial influence for Bill. Looking at its placement in the Life Quadrate, the 3 of Clubs sits in the Mars row/Saturn line which indicates a lot of drive in the area of career.
The 3 of Clubs, as the Composite First Name Card between Bill and Hillary, decisively shows what this relationship is about. They have expanded on their ideas, plans and action, together, taking them further, than if they were alone. And by its placement, much drive in the area of career. It also shows quite clearly, Bill has benefited greatly from this union.

*The Planetary Sign Card for Leo's, is an advanced technique that should be available in booklet form, along with other advanced techniques later this year by Thomas Morrell.
*The true Planetary Sign Cards for Leo's and Cancers is now being incorporated into various published material on The Mystic Quadrate System 12/29/2001

Copyright 1998 by Thomas Morrell
All rights reserved

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