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Bill Parcells Resigns as Head Coach of the New York Jets
By Thomas Morrell
After only 2-years as head coach of the New York Jets, Bill Parcells decides to resign. Using the progressions*  unique to the Mystic Quadrate System, we get a very clear and precise picture of the event. (Bill Parcells was born on 8/22/1941 and is 58 years old. His resignation was announced on 1/3/2000)

In his current 28-year Chart, Bill Parcells is in a 4-year Mercury Period (ages 56-59). In this position he has the 7 of Spades. This indicates challenges in both his work and health, which is exactly what has been going on during this time.

Again, keeping with the progressions* used in the Mystic Quadrate System, we skip the 7-year and Yearly Charts and go to the three smaller ones. In these three charts, the 91-day Season, the 28-day Lunar and the true Weekly, we will simply look at the Phoenix Card in each. The Phoenix Card is the 13th and true result card of each chart.

In Bill Parcell's 91-day Seasonal Chart, in the Phoenix position, he has the 5 of Diamonds. This can indicate a change in his values or what he values, but also a change in the way he makes money.

In his 28-day Lunar Chart he has the 9 of Spades in the Phoenix position. This represents an ending relating to work.

The above chart was the fifth 28-day Lunar cycle of thirteen we experience each year. The event also took place during the 20th week of Bill Parcell's 52-week year. The 20th Week is the fourth, or last quarter of the fifth Lunar Cycle. This indicates a closing or completion influence. The Mystic Quadrate System is the only version of the Card System that addresses the important seasonal cycles and their influence within it.

And the Phoenix Card for this Weekly Chart? The 9 of Spades, endings relating to work. This is also a Mystic Conjunction with the Phoenix Card in the Lunar Chart, increasing it's influence.

Of course we can look at all the planetary period cards in the various charts to get a better picture of what was going on at that precise time and the 7 year and Yearly charts, as well. But this really shows the important information that you may be passing up that can be obtained at a glance. This was also done only using the BirthCard.

*The 28-year, 91-day Season and 28 day Lunar Charts are unique to the Mystic Quadrate System. The Weekly Chart is also unique and it works in the same manner as the larger charts and there are exactly 52 weeks each year and run from birthday to birthday, as also done in the larger charts.

Copyright 2000 by Thomas Morrell

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