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Predictions for 1999 

The predictions on this page have been made using the Mystic Quadrate System. It is an ancient symbolic astrology system, that only recently, has been re-discovered to its fullest use and understanding, as never before in modern times.


Boris Yeltsin  (posted 12/28/1998)
Look for a work or health related problem on or around 1/10/99.
A Hit! Within 3 days of 1/10, Yeltsin was shown in the newspapers as having to have assistance to get up from a chair. And within a week he was in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer.

Ken Starr   (posted 12/28/1998)
Ken Starr has 2 Mystic Conjunctions in January of 1999. The first between 1/18 and 1/21 and the second, more specifically, on 1/20. Look for a possible accident and a family member maybe involved.
Hit/Miss The timing was on but I had the event wrong. He had the 5 of Clubs in Jupiter during that time. Monica is the 5 of Clubs and Jupiter rules legal matters and this is when he got a ruling for the house managers to interview her. I looked at his astrology charts, as well. I should have stuck to the Cards on this one.

President Clinton   (posted 12/28/1998)
President Clinton also has 2 Mystic Conjunctions coming up, but in the month of February.
The first of his falls from 2/16 to 2/19 and the second on 2/18. This may have to do with a financial matter of a foreign nature and also a change of plans. At the very least, this will be a significant time period for the President.
Hit: During this time there was a deadline for Milosevic to meet. If he didn't, we would start bombing. The deadline came and went; Clinton had a change in plans in dealing with a foreign matter and decided not to start the bombing. The 6 of Diamonds was the Card I thought was the financial matter. It may have been something dealing with values, as Diamonds rule both money and values.

Ken Starr  (posted 2/14/1999)
Ken Starr has another Mystic Conjunction starting on 2/15. He has the 9 of Hearts in his 52 day Saturn period in his Yearly Chart, which starts on 2/15. He also has the 9 of Hearts in Mars in his Seasonal Chart. This influence also starts on 2/15 and runs for 13 days. This can indicate a difficult ending, completion or disappointment. Under Saturn and Mars, it can have to do with career or work and in the suit of Hearts, it can also be something in a relationship. Look for a difficult ending or closure for Starr during this 13 day period.
(2/15 - 2/27). Hit: During this time the hearings for the Independent Counsel Statute came to focus. Because of Starr's handling of this position, the statute will probably not be renewed. A few of members of Starr's team left at this time to take positions in the private sector. Clinton had this same Mystic Conjunction but his started on 3/16. It was during this influence he started the bombing of Yugoslavia. The Smaller influence was a 13-day Mars Period in the Seasonal Chart; Mars rules War.

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