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Mystic Quadrate System Review

By Kathryn Hebert, President, Astrology Association of St. Petersburg, Florida

Thomas Morrell has refined the Ancient Symbolic Astrology System down to its simplistic simple form, with the research to back up the results. For those of us who have studied and used the many variations in print up to this date (2003), Thomas has made a gigantic breakthrough. This is easy to ""see"" and use after minimal study, and easier if you have studied any of the other systems in print. Results can also be obtained in the myriad complexities of advanced numerology/astrology.

This method of personal introspection and growth through knowledge of the connections of numbers, astrology, seasons, and the self, known as THE MYSTIC QUADRATE SYSTEM, by Thomas Morrell, is by far the ""BEST"" and quickest, easiest method to obtain answers that are accurate. This I have seen ""work"" with the simple and complicated situations and events of life.

Thomas has shown the connections are mathematically sound and truly work. Whenever and every time I posed a question to Thomas, the prompt answers I received thoroughly explained the reasoning for the correct answer, and were backed up with facts and sources to back up the response.

I highly recommend the study of The Mystic Quadrate System for personal or professional use when seeking growth/knowledge of the individual self and for timing of events in life.

I personally LOVE using The Mystic Quadrate System.

Kathryn Hebert , 4 Spades

Thomas Morrell is one of the truly bright lights in the field of understanding the mystical significance of our ancient 52 cards and their amazing connections to our birthdays. As an avid researcher, he has made many discoveries that have taken this system into a new dimension of understanding and accuracy of prediction. I heartily recommend his publications for providing valuable insights into this powerful tool for daily living.

-William G. Bussey, Vedic Astrologer and Cards of Destiny

Thomas is a gifted author and teacher, but most especially a caring human being. He has been able to deliver his teachings through his Mystic Quadrate System in a precise and simple to understand manner. Thomas uses a language in all his books that paints a concept and thus enables you to grasp the true essence of the card system. The material is presented at a level of understanding that will assist even those who are perhaps not as versed in astrology, numerology or card meanings.

Thomas Morrell's The Master Book of Prediction 1 & 2 and the Planetary Progressions in the Mystic Quadrates is the who, when and why of the card system. Well worth the investment. I will remain a devoted fan.

-Josie Gomboc


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