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Rising to Prominence

Tiger Woods and his Journey through the Crown Line
By Thomas Morrell

On Sunday afternoon, August the 15th, I turned on the television and saw that the PGA US Open was on. I went to that  channel to see what was unfolding. I thought that Tiger Woods had been playing very well this year and might have a chance to win it. After all,  he is rated the #1 player in the world at this time. Sure enough, he had a two stroke lead with a few holes to go. I quickly calculated what plates and cards were ruling for this day in his life: his current 52-day period, his current 13-day Seasonal* Chart period, his current 4-day Lunar* Chart period and his card for the day from his Weekly* Chart. (Tiger Woods is an Ace of Hearts, born on 12/30/1975.)

After looking at the cards and charts, I knew he would win, because something familiar was showing as it had before. (Although, it was closer than I had wanted it to be, his five stroke lead going into the back nine had dwindled and he won by only one stroke.) So, what was showing up in Tiger's card charts? He was once again in the Crown Line, the three cards that fall in top row. When your actual BirthCard or planetary cards fall in this line at the top of the 90 plates, you usually rise to a position of prominence and/or recognition.

However, if using this ancient astrological card system, similar to the manner it has been taught since 1947, you would have not seen it, as it falls in the smaller progressions, not in the commonly known yearly ones.

During this year's US Open, Tiger had the 6 of Clubs in Saturn in his Yearly Chart, but this doesn't tell us much and it is not in the Crown Line. He was in his ninth 28-day Lunar* cycle of his 23rd year and was in his 4-day Mercury Period. In this position was the 6 of Clubs, a Mystic Conjunction* with the current card from the Yearly Chart and it was sitting in the center of the Crown Line. His BirthCard was sitting right next to it in the Crown Line! His card for the day from his Weekly* Chart was the 5 of Hearts, it was in the Jupiter position in his chart, but it was also in the Crown Line!

When he won the Masters on April 13th, 1997, his cards for the year were not in the Crown Line, but his BirthCard and Mercury Card (he was in his 13 day Mercury Period), in his Seasonal* Chart, were both in the Crown Line when he won. In his 28 day Lunar* Chart, he was in his 4 day Saturn Period and the card was in the Crown Line, as well. In his Weekly* Chart he was not in the Crown Line, but his BirthCard was in the original  life position of the 5 of Spades, his 52 day Venus Card for that time, creating a Mystic Reception*.

Earlier this year, Tiger won the Western Open on July 4, 1999 and the Memorial on June 6, 1999. Looking at his card charts for both of these tournaments, in both cases in the smaller charts, (Seasonal, Lunar and Weekly), and, in at least two out of the three, his cards rose up and were in the Crown Line. In both cases, the Yearly Charts did not show it.

There were other triggers present in Tiger's charts, such as Mystic Conjunctions and Receptions, that would also aid in setting off the timing of the event. But this really shows us the importance of the Crown Line and the prominence it can bestow upon us. When it happens to us, it doesn't mean we will go out and win a major golf tournament, but we will in some way, receive recognition and rise to a level of prominence in our own scope of things.

I believe it is through data backed research such as this, that this system will finally gain its recognition and respect.

*The Seasonal, Lunar and Weekly Charts are unique to the Mystic Quadrate       System.
*The Weekly one used, differs from other similar systems.
*Mystic Conjunctions and Receptions are also unique to the Mystic Quadrate System, as well.

1999 by Thomas Morrell

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