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The Master Book of Prediction 
Cover1web.jpg (6207 bytes)This is the much anticipated beginning book by Thomas Morrell and is now available in a 2-Book set. It is the first book published that reveals for the first time in modern history, what the System is based on and how it works at its very core. It also includes new revelations on the Planetary Sign Card for Leos, the newly discovered Planetary Number Card, a new, practical Vertical Card technique and some insightful information on Olney Richmond.

For years, there have been many unanswered questions regarding the System, which have been filled in with whimsical choose and discard at will techniques, or un-provable, esoteric abstract theories. The Master Book of Prediction Series has changed all that and answers those questions and more. This is also the first book in modern history, that beautifully synthesizes the sciences of Numerology, Astrology and the Symbology of the Cards into one harmonious System.

Book 1: The Instructions and Plates
A brief, modern history of the System.
Reveals the foundation and workings of the System as it relates to the mathematical and planetary structure of our Solar System.
Learn how to easily read and derive Charts from the 90 Plates.
Learn how to easily fill out a Chart for a Yearly Reading. (this is a new wheel that places the Sun in the center, similar to the Magi teachings.)
Learn to derive Charts for the 7-year cycles and the new 28-year cycles.
Easy to use tables and formulas to help you find your Birth Card, Planetary Sign Card, Planetary Number Card and Inner and Outer Soul Cards.
The break down of a Chart and interpreting it.
A section on people and their relation to you in a Chart, including new  Personal Significators not known in modern times.
A complete sample reading to take you through the process.
Several example Charts, illustrations and other important reference tables.
Other important information, including a technique to find the Card Value of any number (such as your address or the Year).
Blank Charts for you to copy for your own readings and use.
A full set of the 90 Plates or Quadratures of the perfect Solar Book.

Book 2: The Interpretations
The correct and natural Suit/Element correlations.
The correct and natural Card Number/Planetary correlations along with new revelations into the structure behind the Court Cards.
Delineations on each of the 15 positions ( both Planetary and other) in the System.
728 delineations of each Card in all the possible positions. This is the most extensive set of interpretations published to date and includes delineations on the Trans-Pluto, Magi Crown, Moon, Phoenix and Synastry positions.
With this book, you will not only know what a Card means in each position, but also why it means that, as well.

This is really more than just a beginning level series and should be more accurately classified as a foundation book, as it builds a foundational understanding of the System, which allows one to ascend quickly and easily to an Intermediate Level of use. As you get more comfortable with the method outlined in the book, you will be able to fill out a Chart in a few minutes and really be at an early Advanced Level with the System. 

Although one of the easiest forms of Astrology to learn, the information gained  and accuracy will astound you. Learn at a glance important information regarding all the areas of your life; money, career, travel, success and love. Without a doubt, the is the truest and most accurate form of the Card Science available today and is known as The Mystic Quadrate System.

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