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horsemagi.gif (2260 bytes) The Mystic Quadrate System

with Thomas Morrell

The Premiere Astrological Card Reading System in the World

Whats New 12/17/2000

Example Charts                                                                                                      Here are a couple examples of the Card Charts used in The Mystic Quadrate System.  George W Bush age 54 Yearly Chart and the Relationship Chart between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. There will be a delineation on the relationship chart posted in the near future. There is an Election article posted on the Current Events Page.                                    

Card Courses for 2001
Many different Card Classes and Courses, on The Mystic Quadrate System, will be offered exlusively through the Ketch Institute of Metaphysics.  Click here for more information

The Master Book of Prediction 2-Volume Set
The long-awaited beginning book set from Thomas Morrell that is much more than just a beginning book. Even Advanced Card Readers are finding new insights and excellent information in these books. Click here for more information

LifeCycles - a reference book of charts
This is a soon to be released book containing three 28-year Saturn Charts, twelve 7-year Charts and a detailed Natal Chart for every Card in the Deck. Other useful information, as well, all on 2 pages per Card! A great tool for Readers and Researchers. Click here for more information

New Article on the Election
Although a close election, it was pretty easy to see why Bush and Gore were the candidates for each party and why Bush will win. (predicted by Thomas Morrell on 10/24/00 on a talk radio show)  Click here to read the article    View Bush Chart

What is the Mystic Quadrate System

The Mystic Quadrate System is an ancient symbolic Astrology system based on the mathematics and symbology behind the regular deck of cards. There is no shuffling of the deck as all information is derived from the 90 plates, arrived at through the quadration of the deck in perfect order. From the birthdate alone, one can easily cast charts that influence our lives from its entirety, down to each single day. Virtually any technique that can be done with conventional astrology can be done with this System, and again from the birth date alone and in a fraction of the time. Click here for more details on how this System works

The Best

As there are a few versions of the Card System available today, what makes The Mystic Quadrate System stand in a league of its own? Besides the addition of 4 new charts not known in modern times, it is the only one that is consistent in its entire workings. It is the only one that works in harmony with the respected Numerologists and Astrologers of the past and it is the only one that ties in with the Aztec Calendar and the Teleois Proportions, on which the 7 Sacred Temples around the World were built.

Coming Soon

The 2001 Card Calendar. Soon, I hope to publish an article on the truth about Olney Richmond. For a man who professed the Religion of the Stars, did you know he was not good at Astrology and dropped its use? This will be a very revealing article. A Relationship Book is also in the works, as well as new insights and discoveries.
The New Vertical Card technique is now published in The Master Book of Prediction - Book 1

The Card of the Name

This is another remarkable technique that is proving to be very accurate and insightful. Progressed Charts are now being used with the full Birth Name, along with personality and character from one's common and signature name. This really points to the difference in 2 people born on the same exact day. For those in the know with the Cards, did you know the name "Arne Lein" works out to be the King of Clubs?

Current Events

I will be updating this area soon with some articles on Brad Pitt's marriage and of course, a focus on the candidates and the election this fall. This is always a great place to check out the articles, to not only see this remarkable System in action, but many feel it is a great aid or learning tool, as well.

Lectures and Classes

Thomas Morrell is available for both Lectures and Classes. Considered by many as the leading expert in this field, his Lectures are not the usual Richmond propaganda, myths and card tricks, but a much deeper journey into the real workings of the System and its many ties to the wonders of the Ancient World and the natural world around us. He also teaches classes on all levels, including the most advanced work being done in the Cards today. Classes on the Name, Numbers and Relationships are also available. For more information Click here.


Thomas Morrell is also available for readings and consultations. These cover all areas of the Card System including, detailed Synastry and Composite Relationship readings. Contact Thomas through the means provided below for more information.

Other Information

Check out an example of one of the 90 Plates. Check out the real proof, the Mystic Conjunctions and Receptions on the Current Events Page.

Published Articles

Look for articles published by Thomas Morrell in magazines, such as the Sowell Review and others, including the article Pluto in Sagittarius in a future issue of Traditional Bowhunter.


See what others are saying about Thomas Morrell and his work in this field.
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