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Books Available and Getting Started

The Master Book of Prediction Series is a great place to start. These are the beginning entry books that will teach you the System from the ground up. It is laid out in an easy to understand format with plenty of explanations and examples. Even advanced Card Readers will find some new and enlightening information within these books. In Book 1 of the series, it is revealed what the System is based on; its mathematical design in relation to our Solar System. Click here for more information on the Master Book Series

The Card of the Name is a beginning level book, but advanced Card Readers can use other known Card knowledge to gain much more information from this technique. Planetary Progressions in the Mystic Quadrates is and advanced level book but done in a very easy, logical and understandable manner. One should get the basics of The Master Book of Prediction series down before moving onto this work. Click here for more information on these books.

Reference Books These are a collection of books and materials that contain useful charts, data and a set of the 90 Plates, that can be used in learning the system, research and professional readings. It is done in such a manner that it puts great amounts of useful information at your finger tips. Click here for more information on these books

If you have any questions about these books or on the system in general, feel free to email Thomas Morrell at:

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