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Sydney Omarr  1926-2003
Posted are three articles on the famous Astrologer, Sydney Omarr. One on his Life, his Name and the remarkable Card Charts at the time of his death.

His Life        His Name         Card Charts

The Life article shows the importance of the Planetary Sign Card for Leo's and the significance of the little known Planetary Number Card. As shown by this article, by knowing the real planetary rulers of numbers and their influence, much more depth can be derived from a Natal Card Chart. His Life

The Name article shows the powerful influence our names can have, both numerically and through the cards. Another little known Card of our name is revealed, the Planetary Ruling Card of a Name. His Name

This article is on the Card Charts that were active at the time of Sydney Omarr's passing. The influences present in his card charts are absolutely amazing and shows the unparalleled  precision, accuracy and depth of The Mystic Quadrate System. Card Charts

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