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The Premiere Astrological Card Science

From the moment you are born, your life unfolds in precise planetary cycles and seasons from its entirety down to each single day. It is revealed in an ancient system based upon the mathematics and symbology hidden within our common deck of playing cards. The Mystic Quadrate System is the highest and most accurate form of this ancient science available today.

Although known for over 100 years, the Card Science was (and still in some circles), used in a distorted, semi-accurate manner. Since discovering the Sacred Code on which it unfolds in 1996, the Card Science is now being used at a much greater depth, understanding and accuracy not known of in modern times.

The Mystic Quadrate System is one of the few interpretive and predictive techniques that not only harmonizes the Astrological, Numerological and Symbolic definitions within it, but also takes into consideration, the external Astrological, Numerological and Symbolic influences upon it. Based on the birth date alone (the time and place are not needed in most cases), the simplicity, detail and accuracy will amaze you. 

What's New Nov 2007   New  contact information:              Thomas Morrell  2409  Farnam St,  Davenport, IA  52803   563 - 322- 0449

Online Card Chart Calculator! The most advanced, detailed card reading layout in the card system   today, is now available online MSQ Chart Program

Sydney Omarr Articles Check out 3 detailed articles on his Name, his Natal Card Chart and all the active card charts during his passing. The Sydney Omarr Articles

Yahoo Group This is the hottest place on the web to share and learn great card information. Besides access to the Card Chart Program, a Card Name and Composite Card Calculator has been graciously shared by a couple of members. The Mystic Card Group

The System Works!       More and more people are finding out The Mystic Quadrate System really does work. Check out the testimonials 

Pluto in Sagittarius       An article by Thomas Morrell on this powerful transit and its effect on the sport of Archery, published in the current issue of Traditional Bowhunter (Dec/Jan 2002), on news stands now.

US Tragedy on 9/11       Check out the Card chart for the Day   Check out the Card Progressions for the United States  Update!

Destiny Card Readers Upgrade Now       While there are some similarities between the two systems, there are also some major differences. Click here for a comparison   

The Card of the Name       This technique was first published in 2/98 and has proven itself to be quite remarkable. Check out some of the examples      The Card of Your Name Book

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